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The Story

 Ladies & Gentalmen, we are SUPER excited to let you in on what we’ve been working for almost a year to perfect. As you know acrylic powders have been around for quite some time, with each brand offering varying degrees of quality and hold performance. While we used to work with the same products you do, we were never fully satisfied with “the industry standard”. Seeing this as an opportunity, we spent countless hours developing and testing our own powders and our genius chemist has finally formulated a powder with the PERFECT ratio of ingredients. This new powder provides a wonderful blend of consistency, molding power, long lasting non-yellowing performance and most of all it’s easy to work with! You might have seen our hashtag #NotPolish floating all over social media by now, which many posts showcasing our favorite colors and designs. We took into our lab all the inspiration and feedback you have provided us and developed our very own collection which we know you will find superior to the other store-bought products. We hope you LOVE these powders as much as we do, and keep looking towards #NotPolish to find new ways to DELIGHT your customers!